This page is the research interface to all collections of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. It is used for demonstrating, investigating and testing new developments and features like:

  1. Using linked named entities in newspaper articles for context information and semantic search (see demo)
    Example: Enter [the beatles] for articles mentioning one or more beatles or try a SPARQL query. More ...
  2. Showing new features like image search: [gracht] and image_type=building for articles mentioning a "town canal" and containing an image with a building
  3. Investigating tools for online OCR improvement and correcting OCR by users
  4. Correction by users of links in newspaper articles for named entities (see end of demo)
    When you see a wrong link please remove try to correct it or remove it. When you see a missing link, for example as a result of OCR errors, you may add a new links manually (Google inlog required).
  5. Service integration and personalisation of services
  6. Development of service integration has stopped but the concept is not removed from this portal
Note: This site represents experimental work in progress. The links for named entities to DBpedia and Wikidata are therefore not yet reliable (but you may correct them).

Please use this site with care and respect copy right restrictions.

Have fun!